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Xanos Messarmos.

Xanos Messarmos was a half-orc sorcerer and barbarian, and a former student of Drogan Droganson.


A large half-orc man with black hair and mustache. His main weapons were daggers and arcane magic.


Xanos was not of greater than average intelligence among such races as humans, and occasionally stumbled intellectually in his arrogance, but he had studied and learnt from history and had grand and not very naive plans for improving himself before becoming a great leader. He was adamant of his future and destiny to one day hold great power and would have gone to the extremes to get this. It also made him a very determined and ambitious worker. Xanos was eager to prove a point wherever possible, as well as having a sharp and sometimes offensive sense of humour, especially towards his fellow apprentices.


Drogan's apprentices all possessed a ring which allowed them to teleport themselves to Drogan's location at the cost of focus crystals.


Was deeply competitive towards Dorna Trapspringer and often teased her. Similarly, Xanos mocked Mischa Waymeet when she failed to pass a test set by Drogan to rescue a goblin child and continued to look down on her abilities. Whilst Xanos wished to learn all he could, he did not care if Drogan approved of him or not, commenting that he merely was there to learn all he could from the dwarf.


Xanos was born into an upper middle class family in Chessenta. He left home to carve himself a destiny and eventually enrolled in Drogan's school in Hilltop so he could learn to become an adventurer and great leader. Xanos was present during the kobold attack on the village and school and helped locate the stolen artifacts.




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