Xanthon Cormaeril was a member of the Cormaeril noble family. His traitorous cousin, Gaspar Cormaeril, was the cause of their noble house being stripped of land and title. Xanthon then somehow turned into a ghazneth, unleashing the buried scourges to destroy Cormyr.[citation needed]


Xanthon was one of House Cormaeril's more adventurous youths. He traveled the Heartlands in search of wealth and excitement, and in the process often irritated a foreign merchant or monarch to the point that his family needed to use its influence to free him from foreign justice.[2]

When Gaspar Cormaeril's failed coup caused the family to lose its influence, Xanthon and his fellow Cormaeril nobles were subjected to the full consequences of their actions, resulting in several of his relatives being imprisoned or put to death.[2] Xanthon was able to escape and somehow became the sixth ghazneth.[citation needed]

Ghazneth powersEdit

As a ghazneth, Xanthon had surprising speed and power, which allowed him to overwhelm and kill Emperel Ruousk,[3] along with many other victims. Xanthon had the power to control swarms of poisonous creatures, from wasps and scorpions to even large snakes. He was also able to use magical illusions to disguise himself as Princess Tanalasta Obarskyr and briefly fool Vangerdahast into "rescuing" him.[4]


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