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I am Xarlandralath, spawn of Xorlughra—and slave of the accursed Manshoon! Deliver me! Deliver me from this!
— Last words of Xarlandralath, beholder, in the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR[1]

Xarlandralath, spawn of Xorlughra, was one of the beholders[note 1] in the service of Manshoon in Suzail during the late 15th century DR.[1]


In beholder shape,[note 1] Xarlandralath was the size of a coach, with a central eye the size of a table above a fanged maw, and ten smaller eyes on stalks protruding from its spherical body.[1]


It was magically compelled into service by Manshoon.[1]


As a beholder, it launched rays from its eyes.[1]


After the catastrophic Council of the Dragon of the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the vampire archmage Manshoon sent Xarlandralath, one of his beholders, after the fugitive wizard Elminster Aumar, whom he'd identified as inhabiting the body of Amarune Whitewave, a coinlass and mask dancer.[1]

The beholder came into conflict with a number of Purple Dragons and War Wizards along the way to Castle Obarskyr, where Amarune was. Unknown to both it and Manshoon, Elminster was actually residing in the body of the noble heir Arclath Delcastle. The wizard cast a spell to temporarily wrestle the beholder back into its true shape,[note 1] and free of compulsions, revealing a man's body during a brief fall. The beholder cried out for release from Manshoon's control at that moment.[1]

The War Wizards and Purple Dragons managed to slay Xarlandralath shortly after that.[2]



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