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Xerfilstyxes were horrifying devils that lived in the River Styx.[2]


Xerfilstyxes resembled normal devils from the waist up, with a muscular humanoid torso and arms, a fang-filled mouth, two black horns, and a pair of large, bat-like wings. From the waist down, however, a xerfilstyx had the body of a slug: a mass of translucent, sickly blue or purplish-blue skin that dragged along the ground and left a slippery trail of slime behind.[2][1]


Although intelligent creatures, constant exposure to the River Styx and the barrage of memories that resulted from swimming in it had driven the xerfilstyx race insane. Despite the damage, the xerfilstyx seemed to enjoy it, and believed that other creatures should also sample the water.[2] At the same time, however, they also took umbrage at creatures that tried to gain access to the Styx, attacking in furious vengeance.[1]

The insanity of the xerfilstyx made them highly unpredictable, to the point that even other devils tried to avoid them. However, the xerfilstyxes were also some of the most knowledgeable devils in the Nine Hells.[1]


Xerfilstyxes were naturally immune to the harmful effects of the River Styx, as well as possessing the natural devil immunities to fire, poison, and cold. They were also resistant to acid. Xerfilstyxes had darkvision and could speak a variety of languages, including Infernal, Celestial, Common, and Draconic, but living in the River Styx meant that they often knew parts of many other languages as well.[2][1]

A xerfilstyx could drain blood from a victim using suckers on the lower part of its body. They were excellent swimmers, but poor fliers despite their wings. Additionally, xerfilstyxes could spew a cone of scalding blood mixed with Styx water, causing any creatures hit by the liquid to suffer physical and mental damage.[2][1]

As befitted a native of the Styx, xerfilstyxes were capable of altering the memories of others.[1]

In combat, xerfilstyxes were known to be able to innately replicate the the effects of various spells. At will, they could wield confusion, dispel magic, hold person, greater teleport, and wall of ice. Three times each time, they could use cone of cold, ice storm, and legend lore. Once per day, they could replicate insanity and power word blind.[2]


Despite their power, xerfilstyx were considered lesser baatezu in the hierarchy of the Nine Hells,[3] although a few sources called them greater baatezu, giving them the same rank in the hierarchy as gelugons.[4]

Servants of Levistus could call a xerfilstyx using the greater planar ally spell.[2]


A xerfilstyx.

Xerfilstyxes were native to the Nine Hells, but could be found anywhere in the River Styx. They rarely had any kind of permanent lair, as they frequently forgot where they'd visited. However, they were known to lurk near the water's edge in order to snatch other creatures.[2]


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