Baron Xhalth was a half-fiend member of the daemonfey and the nephew of Sarya Dlardrageth.


Xhalth was physically the most fearsome of the tanar'ri half-breeds. His skin had an olive-green tone and parts of it appeared to be heavily scaled. His darkly scaled ears stood out prominently due to his bald head. Xhalth had six arms. He disdained from covering his heavily muscled body, believing his form was far more intimidating to his foes when exposed.[1]


By his aunt's testimony, "Xhalth has little patience for anything aside from battle, and his longing for true challenges leads him into foolish exercises of berserker rage and wasteful combat. In truth, his father's blood made him more akin to a wrathful balor than the scheming marilith his mother was."

Temperamental and rash, Xhalth was his aunt's enforcer, though he got annoyed when he was denied a chance for battle. While held in check from his desire for direct and immediate conquest by his aunt's will and her plans, he would much rather take command of those of Kaanyr Vhok's tanarukk forces. Xhalth once reveled in the jealousies of his cousins. He constantly felt the need to push himself and prove that he was the best combatant of the clan.

Because his aunt's plans kept the Dlardrageth house in the shadows and out of the combat he craved, Xhalth believed it was time for House Dlardrageth to revive itself under the rule of a powerful patriarch. Only his unfamiliarity with the world around him, and a noted lack of allies, kept Xhalth from either killing or banishing his aunt from her position.[1]

He hatched a plot to unseat Sarya and lead the organization himself, but after learning that she had killed her own son Ryvvik, he wisely reconsidered.[2]


He was offspring of Countess Sarya's twin brother Khuumal and a marilith, and cousin to Ryvvik.


Xhalth wielded the Blade Dlardrageth and Khuumal's baldric.



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