Xinlenal was the first of the flying Netherese enclaves.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

After the enclave was formed, Netherese citizens traveled en masse to live high above those they deemed lesser than themselves. As a result because of this, Xinlenal became quite overpopulated.[citation needed]

Law and Order[edit | edit source]

As the first of the Netherese enclaves, Xinlenal became a model for all future floating cities within the empire. Each enclave was given laws by its archwizard. Xinlenal's laws formed the outline for those of the other arcanists.[citation needed]

  • Espionage: Anyone found guilty of stealing magic tomes, research notes, or any other magical item was sentenced to death by magic.
  • Murder: Anyone found guilty of murdering an arcanist were given to the arcane colleges to be used for "magical testing;" otherwise, a murderer would be sentenced to death by magic.
  • Theft: Anyone found guilty of theft would return the item stolen and was sentenced to death by magic followed by a resurrection.
  • Miscellaneous: Anyone found guilty of rape, breaking contracts, public drunkeness and the like would be punished means detailed by offended party.

History[edit | edit source]

It was created in −2954 DR by the archwizard Ioulaum, sixty years after he had invented the mythallar.[2] The creation of Xinlenal led many other powerful mages of Netheril to create flying enclaves of their own, in effect splitting the nation into two, High and Low Netheril.[1]

Control of the city was taken from Ioulaum in the −1205 DR, and given to numerous archwizards who resided in Ioulaum's city.[citation needed]

In the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR, Ioulaum suddenly and mysteriously abandoned his enclave for his lair in the Northdark. The sudden disappearance of their great champion caused wide-spread panic in Netheril, leading to the casting of Karsus's Avatar and the end of the Empire of Magic.[3]

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