Xinlenal Enclave was the first floating city of Netheril (known then as Ioulaum). The city was established in −2954 DR as a magrocacy ruled by Ioulaum until −1205 DR when day-to-day control over the city itself was given to a variety of archwizards who resided in Ioulaum's city.

The First Floating City Edit

When Ioulaum had created the first floating city in −2954 DR, the Netherese flocked to his city to live high above those they deemed lesser than themselves; because of this, Xinlenal was overpopulated.

Law and Order Edit

As the first floating city, Xinlenal had been used as a model for all other floating cities. Each flying enclave was given laws by its archwizard, and as the first, Xinlenal's laws were the outline for those of the other flying enclaves.

  • Espionage: Anyone found guilty of stealing magic tomes, research notes, or any other magical item was sentenced to death by magic.
  • Murder: Anyone found guilty of murdering an arcanist were given to the arcane colleges to be used for "magical testing;" otherwise, a murderer would be sentenced to death by magic.
  • Theft: Anyone found guilty of theft would return the item stolen and was sentenced to death by magic followed by a resurrection.
  • Miscellaneous: Anyone found guilty of rape, breaking contracts, public drunkeness and the like would be punished means detailed by offended party.
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