Xiousing (pronounced: /jˈsɪŋyow-SING) was a small, cramped district in northern Marsember in Cormyr inhabited primarily by Shou.[1]





Xiousing was built on land exposed after the level of the Sea of Fallen Stars dropped in the years following the Spellplague. The original Shou squatters on the new land were ruled by Burgher Xarod.

In 1419 DR, a Shou noble named Duc-Sum Li and his son were traveling through Cormyr. Crown Prince Foril I was very ill and no Cormyrean healers could heal him. King Azoun Obarskyr V summoned Duc-Sum to court and the Shou was able to heal the prince. In gratitude, King Azoun knighted Duc-Sum and granted him control over a small parcel of land in Marsember inhabited by Shou squatters.

As of 1479 DR, Xiousing was a bustling community inhabited mostly by Shou.[1]


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