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When asked about his past Xzar has very few coherent things to say. His desire to determine the cause of the iron shortage seems benevolent enough, but his motives remain unclear. His ramblings seem disjointed, but his faculties are obviously in good enough order for him to be adept at magic. He mutters something about how he and his associate Montaron are in the employ of a powerful group, but when pressed for details he gets extremely agitated and does not speak for some time. He is obviously at least partially insane, and the network that would hire him must be dark indeed.
  — Character description from the Baldur's Gate computer game.

Xzar was an insane wizard and a member of the Zhentarim. He was quite unbalanced and would randomly spout gibberish at unpredictable moments. He was sent to the Baldur's Gate area during the iron crisis with his "colleague" Montaron.

In the Novel Edit

In the Baldur's Gate novelization, Xzar saved Abdel Adrian from a horde of gibberlings with an odd magical device or spell of his making. He and Montaron both accompanied Adrian to the "Friendly Arms" inn and from there on to the Nashkel mines. Xzar repeatedly stated that Adrian was a Bhaalspawn, but that was put down to his insanity and no-one listened to him. He and his companion were killed by Sarevok after the group had cleared the mines.

In the Games Edit

In Baldur's Gate, Xzar (together with Montaron, whom he calls "Monty") is likely to be amongst the very first party NPCs encountered. The two are lurking along the Way of the Lion east of Candlekeep, not far from the place where Gorion is killed. Xzar will offer the player character potions of healing as a supposed token of good will, and then try to shame them into accompanying him and Montaron to Nashkel in return for the favour. Much like Jaheira and Khalid, the two are in the area to investigate the iron shortage and happenings in the Nashkel mines, which are in fact being sabotaged by kobolds led by Mulahey. Whereas Khalid and Jaheira work for the Harpers, though, Xzar and Montaron are acting on behalf of the Zhentarim; if the two pairs guess each other's alliances, they will start fighting.

Xzar is both intelligent and insane at the same time; his treatment of others is most commonly coldly disdainful or derisive, but fairly often he also lapses into bouts of what to everyone else is nonsense, ranging from acting like a frightened child to remarking that he ate someone's liver "with a nice chianti and some fava beans". He's partnered with Montaron against both their wills, and they will not be separated if they can help it, each following the other in joining or leaving the player's group.

In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Xzar appears in Athkatla if the player character takes Renfeld to the local Harper hold. He asks the player character to infiltrate the Harpers to find Montaron, who has been spying on them and taken captive. In return, he offers information about where Imoen and Irenicus have been taken by the Cowled Wizards. The Harpers will want the player character to do a favor for them in exchange for entrance to their hold, and that favour is to enter a house that actually belongs to Xzar himself and slay the "monsters" the owner has been creating. The creatures turn out to be fairly ordinary goblins, but they have been the subject of some research. In addition to them, the party will have to kill Xzar's two nervous apprentices. When the party gains entrance to the hold and retrieves a bird that seems to be a polymorphed Montaron, it shortly turns out they have been duped. When Xzar reverses the transformation, the bird turns out to be a Harper who kills him, never giving him a chance to tell his supposed information about Imoen and Irenicus.

In both games Xzar is voiced by Frank Welker.

Appearances Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Something troubling you?"
  • "Your voice is ambrosia."
  • "If I must!"
  • "I could do no other."
  • "Hardly worth my time."
  • "Tell me 'bout the rabbits."
  • "I'll teach yer grandmother to suck eggs!"
  • "Those the gods wish to destroy they first make mad! MAD! MAD!(Laughing like a maniac)"
  • "I know of dragons with feet like rabbits, 'tis true, I swear."
  • "I ate his liver with a nice chianti and some fava beans."
  • "I am become Death, destroyer of worlds!"
  • "Could we cease the incessant noise?! 'Tis such a pain behind the eyes!"
  • (In a child-like voice) "Stop touching me!"
  • (In a child-like voice) "Smiles everyone smiles, this is like some great fantasy."
  • (In a child-like voice when critical health) "Mommy, I don't feel so good."
  • (Chosen as leader) "A wise choise for a leader." (laughs)
  • (Group reputation sinking) "I’m starting to find this group almost... palatable.”
  • (Tired) "I tire! I’ll be much more agreeable with rest."
  • (Not doing anything for a while) "Much as I enjoy these moments of repose, GET A MOVE ON IT!"
  • (When first met) "Montaron, you are so aggravating! 'Tis disturbing to my demeanor!"
  • (At night) "I wanted infravision like the elves, but tis' more than just taking their eyes"
  • (In Big city) "A cutthroat in every alley, but I’ll not let them take us alive!"
  • (When Reputation goes over 12) "Must we be so insufferably charitable?!"
  • (In Dungeon) "Oh, I'm never quite so comfortable as when I'm at least 6 feet under."
  • (If Montaron is killed in-game) "Montaron! I... I never loved you!"
  • (Answer to Jaheira or Khalid) "Oh speak no more, lest ye gorge my sweet tooth!"
  • (Reply to Jaheira or Khalid before fighting) "Why must you goad us into other people's concerns? Can you not just let us mind our own enterprise?"
  • (Continuous) "I begin to see your true nature, and 'tis as I expected. None are as insufferably righteous as Harpers."
  • (In The Daytime) I've never liked the sunlight, it's just too BRIGHT!


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