Yaïmmunahar, also seen as Yaimunnahar, was a Tuigan kingdom found in the Hordelands in 1375 DR.[1]


Yaïmmunahar covered a vast expanse of land throughout the heart of the Hordelands. The kingdom was bordered on the west by the Great Amber Steppes and on the east by the Kora Shan range and the Arundi River. Much of this nation was covered by sweeping steppes.[1]


In 1363 DR, just three years after the death of his father the Great Khan Yamun Khahan, Hubadai declared himself Khahan and founded the empire of Yaïmmunahar. The capital at Kourmira was founded in 1367 DR.[1]


Many of the nations surrounding Yaïmmunahar viewed the nascent kingdom with disdain, considering its founding nothing more than an attempt by the Tuigan to salvage their pride after being defeated by the combined forces of the west. However, more than a few nations saw a great potential for trade given Yaïmmunahar's strategic geographic location, bridging the continents of Faerûn and Kara-Tur.[1]

An increase in trade along the Golden Way in 1369 DR prompted several nations to establish trading outposts in the empire. The Red Wizards of Thay followed suit in 1374 DR by establishing a merchant enclave in Kourmira.[1]

Laws & CustomsEdit

Many of Yaïmmunahar's new laws were borrowed from foreign lands during Hubadai's travels with the Grand Army of the Tuigan during the Tuigan conquests. Slavery was outlawed completely, yet all slaver-holders at the time of the mandate were compensated for their loss of "property". Furthermore, women were allowed to pursue any profession they desired, whereas before they dealt primarily with household duties.[1]

In an attempt to solidify the foundations of the new nation, Hubadai offered flocks of sheep and goats to all nomads who switched to living a settled lifestyle within a permanent home. This deviation from the historic nomadic lifestyle was unpopular with many of the Tuigan who swore loyalty to Hubadai, though they would never admit such to his face.[1]



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