Yajandra Dlathaero was a wizard in the Western Heartlands in 1367 DR.[1]


Born in Calimshan to a satrap, at an early age Yajandra was uninterested in local intrigues but had an aptitude for magic. So she cut ties with her family and trained as wizard under Asheund.

Later, Yajandra went on a spell-trading trip to Amn. She disappeared for some years studying dragons. She resurfaced visiting Candlekeep and later in Zazesspur where she studied with the sage Cthethros, a great dragon expert.

Later Yajandra wandered Amn together with the disguised gold dragon Sandro until a Harper told her about the Well of Dragons.

Yajandra bought a house in the nearby village of Ladydove and hers was the only house to survive an attack from the Dire Dragon. So Yajandra transformed the house into an inn and continued her dragon studies with the profits of the inn.[1]



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