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Yaks were large herd animals used as livestock in northern regions of Faerûn such as the Spine of the World and the Hordelands[7] and many elevated regions like the mighty Yehimal Mountains.[5][6][8] They were similar in many respects to giant rams.[9]


Yaks were sturdy animals that moved at a slow pace and were unaffected by cold temperatures.[10]


Sometime after the War of the Silver Marches, a village of yakfolk near Ironslag kept large herds of yaks.[11]



Yaks were a herbivorous species that could survive on meagre amounts of grass.[10]


Yaks were typically found in cold, mountainous regions, unable to survive in warm climates.[10] Within the the Yehimal mountains, the people of Tabot were known to herd yaks.[12]


Domesticated yaks were employed for a variety of uses, such as beasts of burden and sources of wool and milk. Yak butter, a soft cream cheese, was a characteristic product from yak-raising regions.[11][7]


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  1. The Dragon magazine 137 article has an animal conversion table that equates yak to buffalo, so the Monster Manual 1st edition reference is for the entry on buffalo.


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