Yallasch was a city in the Border Kingdoms near the realm of Adaerglast.[1][2]


The city was located on the southwestern coast of the Border Kingdoms, between Jundarwood and the Shining Sea.[4]


Yallasch imported wares[1] and crops from neighboring Adaerglast.[2]


The sinister wizards Iraun and Srivven installed themselves as absolute rulers in the nearby realm of Adaerglast, and before long they also set their sights on Yallasch. Although they were intent on conquering the city, the Adaerglast wizards were eventually dissuaded through diplomatic pressure from realms such as Halruaa and Waterdeep, and by an alliance of all Yallaschan wizards and temples.[1][2]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Rumor held that the wizards of Adaerglast scried Yallasch using magical means, and employed an ever-increasing number of agents in the city.[1][2]



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