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Yamun Khahan lived in the Hordelands during the mid–14th century DR.[1]

The greatest joy a man can have is victory; to conquer one's enemies, to pursue them, to deprive them of their possessions, to reduce their families to tears, to ride on their horses, to make love to their wives and daughters.
— Yamun Khahan[5]


Though he came from humble beginnings, Yamun Khahan was a natural leader who possessed both charisma and strong ambition. He was a cunning, brilliant military commander.[1] Yamun's mother, Bayalun was a useful asset on his councils as she was well-versed in Shou ways.[4]


Yamun killed his father in 1334 DR, becoming khan of the Hoekun.[1][5][6]


Once he became khan of the Hoekun, Yamun organized the tribe into a small but efficient fighting force. Through sheer force, and aided allies—the Basymits—Yamun was able to subvert the Jamaqua, Dalat, and several other tribes of the Tuigan, increasing the size of his army along the way.[1][5]

Yamun was eventually elected as the Khahan of the Tuigan. He then proceeded to conquer the Naican, Commani, and Oigur clans.[5] Yamun chose to invite clans to join him with the hopes of preventing future blood feuds and wasting valuable lives that could be used to swell his expanding army.[7]

The remaining tribes of the Hordelands either joined Yamun Khahan or were crushed by his armies in battle until all the tribes of the Endless Wastes were united under a single banner called the Grand Army of the Tuigan.[1][5]