Yan-C-Bin (pronounced: /jɑːnˈsibɪnyan-SEE-bin[7]), also known as the Prince of Evil Air,[2] was a powerful archomental from the Elemental Plane of Air.[1]


Yan-C-Bin commonly appeared to his followers as a tall, thin, elderly humanoid with long hair flowing in the wind. His true form was akin to a tornado.[2]


Yan-C-Bin was a being of great wisdom and pure malice. His plans began at the forging of the world. The most subtle of the Princes, he operated unseen and studied his foes from afar, attacking swiftly and vanishing before they could strike back.[citation needed]

He cared nothing for those that worshiped him as a god or offered him prayer and sacrifice. All he cared about was seeing realm after realm torn apart by winds.[citation needed]


Cyclonic ravager-3e

A cyclonic ravager, a servant of Yan-C-Bin.

Many primordials consider Yan-C-Bin to be untrustworthy and avoid him.[8]

Yan-C-Bin and those that served him had a strong dislike of the servants of Ogrémoch and the Prince of Evil Earth himself. But his greatest rival is the good Princess of Air, Chan, who he has been waging a secret war of information and sabotage against.[8]


During the Dawn War, Yan-C-Bin learned of the existence of the Elder Elemental Eye and convinced other primordials, including Olhydra and Imix, to join forces and serve that power in the hopes that they would be able to conquer the world.[8] Following the Dawn War, the gods sealed Yan-C-Bin inside a mobile palace made of solidified air.[8]


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