Yantha Coaxrock was the leader of of the Stoneheart Enclave in Blingdenstone during the Rage of Demons[as of when?].[1]


Yantha was a young wizard who became the leader of the Stoneheart Enclave in Blingdenstone. She split her time and energy between conducting magical research in her city, helping the svirfneblin enclave in Mantol—Derith, and working with the rest of the Stoneheart Enclave.[3]

During the Rage of Demons, Yantha was in Mantol-Derith, where the duergar merchant Krimgol Muzgardt hired her to set a gem in an item of jewelry. However, the gem was in fact a magical gem that caused madness—the work of the demon lord Fraz-Urb'luu—and Yantha succumbed to the gem's influence and lied to Krimgol about its value. Suspecting treachery, the duergar demanded the gem back, but it was secretly stolen by Flink Thunderbonk, Yantha's apprentice. Krimgol did not believe Yantha's story and, with the support of Ghuldur Flagonfist, the duergar representative, attacked the deep gnome section of the city and kidnapped the wizard, starting a civil war in the trading post.[4]

Ghuldur and Krimgol than interrogated Yantha in order to understand the whole matter.[1]


The demon lord's madness caused Yantha to always tell others elaborate lies instead of the truth, for no reason.[1]


Yantha had a trusted apprentice, Flink Thunderbonk.[1] She also was on good terms with Nomi Pathshutter, her second-in-command at the Enclave.[3]




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