Prince Yder Tanthul was a male shade and the right hand of his older brother Prince Rivalen Tanthul, whilst being respected and feared as a warrior.[1]


Unlike his elder brother, Rivalen, Yder has no quarrel with Telamont's hand, Hadrhune. He would simply like the will of his deity guide the Shadovar rather than Hadrhune's.[1]


Yder's personal sigil is a stylized silver greatsword on a gray field. The pommel of this sword is a replica of the symbol of Shar (a black disk with a deep purple border).[1]


Like the rest of his brothers, Yder was born before the Karsus's Folly in Netheril at some point. Initially trained as a soldier among the Shadovar army, Yder reached the rank of captain before he joined Shar's service as Rivalen's right hand man. After −339 DR, spent much of his life on the Plane of Shadow where he was transformed into a Shade like many of his kin.[7] By 1372 DR, when Telamont Tanthul returned Thultanthar to Faerûn, Yder was a divine champion dedicated to Shar and commanded the guards of the Hall of Shadow.[1]

One such mission he undertook was the infiltration of Shadowdale in 1374 DR, where by creating a Shadow Simulacrum of himself he managed to possess Lord Mourngrym Amcathra. This allowed the Army of Darkhope to take control of the Dale with little resistance.[3].

By 1479 DR, Yder had become one of the generals of the armies of the newly-risen Netheril. He also performed duties as the chief templar in Rivalen Tanthul's Dome of Night.[2]



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