The Yellow Sea washed the northern shores of Kara-Tur and the haunted island of Talmaruk, as well as the west coast of Koryo.[1][2]


Some in Shou Lung considered the Yellow Sea to be the same as the Celestial Sea, which lay in the south.[2][note 1]


Many tribal settlements dotted the shores of the Yellow Sea. These were inhabited by Wu-haltai, who believed in the Lord of the Sea.[3]


The Koryoans knew the Yellow Sea as a home to sea serpents and strange magical phenomena, such as a green mist that transformed people into fish and a blue ice so cold it burned flesh, yet sizzled and smoked when immersed in water.[2]

The Wu-Haltai told that the worst winter storms were breathed out by the evil spirits of the isle of Talmaruk.[4]



  1. Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms: Volume II page 117 equates the Celestial Sea and the Yellow Sea, saying that people of Shou Lung called it the Celestial Sea, while people of Koryo called it the Yellow Sea. However, maps in that book and in The Forgotten Realms Atlas place the Yellow Sea in the north and the Celestial Sea in the south, and the two are nearly divided by islands. It may be that they only appear to be the same sea at the shore of Shou Lung. For clarity, this article assumes they are separate seas and only details the northern sea.



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