Yellow musk creepers were unholy vines whose flowers resembled orchids. These flowers were able to expel a musk that attracted prey.[1]

The air in the grove smelled strongly of musk, sweet and heavy. Galvin was finding it hard to concentrate and the blossoms were increasingly inviting. In a daze, he stepped forward.[6]

Habits[edit | edit source]

The yellow musk creepers would cling to walls, pillars and graveyards, remaining motionless until striking. The plant would destroy the minds of humanoids, implanting its bulbs in its victims. Twenty-four hours after being implanted, the bulbs sprouted a creeper vine that animated the host corpse, turning it into a yellow musk zombie under its control. The corpse acted as fertilizer for the sprout, which grew to full size in a week. Once it was fully grown, the plant became mobile, reducing the zombie to a pile of dead offal.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1362 DR yellow musk creepers and their zombies were a part of Szass Tam's undead army tasked in aiding the Harper agents foiling Maligor's planned takeover of the Thay's gold production.[7]

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Dungeon #29: "Ex Libris"
Red Magic

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