Yellow urchin extract was a type of poison deliverable via water inhalation, making it effective underwater. It was harvested by aquatic humanoids to use against their foes from a certain species of the urchin.[1]

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Yellow urchin poison (the extract) was most valued among aquatic sentient species for its ability to be delivered via inhalation unlike other types of poisons. When extracted, it was a thick and milky fluid. Used underwater, it created a cloud of poison 10 feet (3 meters) wide that naturally dispersed after 10 minutes, or 1 minute in strong current. The toxins affected any water-breathing creatures that passed through the poison cloud (including creatures under the effect of the water breathing or a similar spell), unless they were able to hold their breath. A vial of this unique poison was valued at 800 gp, owing to harvesting being a long and tedious process.[1]

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