Yellyark was a goblin village in Chult. The village was home to the Biting Ant tribe of Batiri goblins.[1]


By the late fifteenth century DR, forty goblins lived in the village.[1]


By the late fifteenth century, the village was ruled by a "queen" named Grabstab.[1]


To protect themselves against giant carnivores, the goblins built the important structures of the village atop a "net" of strong, supple tree branches bound together with vines. The net was rigged to a heavy tree, bent down like a giant spring. If a predator ever threatened to overrun the village, the goblins would cut the vine, rolling the entire village into a ball and flinging it a thousand yards over the jungle. The huts inside were cushioned from impact by layers of leaves and moss; damage to the flexible structures could be repaired, and most of the village's precious totems, food, basketwork, and spare weapons would be saved.[1]

Sentries posted around the village wore ponchos made of vines and leaves, making them difficult to see while hiding in the undergrowth. The village was ringed with tripwires attached to shells and skulls filled with pebbles. If approaching enemies were noticed by sentries or triggered a tripwire, the village would go on alert, making it impossible to sneak in.[1]

The Biting Ant tribe was skilled at ant husbandry, and the village was situated between three massive ant hills. The three ant hills were joined together by tunnels.[1]


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