Yeshelmaar was built long ago when the Lethyr fey fought the Nars. The town was built on a steep hill and was built upward over time. Walkways connected the town's spires.[1]

Near the center of the dale, a great tor rises from the forest. A pristine lake of clear, cold water stands at the foot of the hill. Carved into the tor is an old stronghold known as Yeshelmaar, built in a day when the Lethyr fey faced off against threats from Narfell. [2]

During the wars with the Nars, Yeshelmaar grew higher and deeper, until the original tor was obscured. Now it is difficult to pick out the transition between the natural stone of the hillside and elven engineering. Slender walkways thread the tallest spires, and curling stairways provide external access to many of the towers and lower balconies. Trees root in earth filled stone planters an nearly every level surface, providing soothing breaks in the otherwise stern stonework. Green ivy grows over the sides of every wall. [2]


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