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Yeslick was a dwarven priest of Clan Orothiar that hailed from the mines beneath the Cloak Wood forest. He venerated Clangeddin Silverbeard as his patron deity.[1]

We do good. 'Tis as my clan was, long ago.
— Yeslick


Yeslick was a good-natured and laid back dwarf. He was not a proponent of violence and felt it could only solve the most basic of life's problems.[1]


In the Year of the Blue Dragon, 1243 DR, the Orothiar dwarves dug too deep within their subterranean home. They opened a passageway into an underground river that flooded the mines and killed nearly all of the clan.[1]

Having survived the incident with few others, Yeslick left his ancestral home and made for the eastern realm of Sembia in the hopes of starting anew. He worked as a smith and befriended one of his clients, Richtar of the Iron Throne, who used the alias of Rieltar Anchev.[1]

Yeslick wound up sharing the history of his clan with his new "friend", who in turn used the information against the trusting priest. "Rieltar" tortured Yeslick for the exact location of his clan's mine, imprisoned him,[1] and concocted a plan to expand the Iron Throne's operations to the Sword Coast. In Nightal of Year of the Sword, 1365 DR he was appointed as the Western Divisional Leader of the Iron Throne set his plan into action.[2]

Yeslick was still imprisoned within the Cloak Wood mines as of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR. He sought to flood the mine again, and rid his old home from the menace of the Iron Throne.[1]



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In the Baldur's Gate (game) video game, Yeslick is voiced by Bill Farmer.

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