Yggdrasil's Child was a tree of great power grown from a seed of the World Ash Yggdrasil. The tree stood in a remote grove on the island of Ruathym north of the Moonshae Isles. Before the destruction of the World Tree in the Spellplague, Yggdrasil's Child could be used as a portal. The tree retained enormous power and anyone carving their name in the tree would grow in power as the tree grew. The tree protected itself with forest creatures it had enhanced with magic.[1]

Liriel Baenre visited the tree in 1361 DR to inscribe a rune on the tree in order to gain the power of the Windwalker amulet. She was led to it and somewhat instructed in regards to it by Ulf the Shaman of Ruathym town. She described the tree as a magical, huge ancient oak with dozens of complex runes carved into the tree. She also explained that it was the "symbol of life."[2]




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