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Yhep was a fortified town located on the coast of the Lake of Steam.


The fortified town was built around its harbor. A part of the town was built right on the water. The buildings in this part of town were built on solid stilts that were sunk deep into the lake bed. Instead of streets, these buildings were linked together by bridges made from rope or wood. The majority of the residents who lived here were fishermen and oyster farmers, who docked their vessels under their homes. The buildings were made from lightweight materials; as a result a strong storm could inflict serious damage.[1][2]


Yhep was located on the northeastern shore of the Lake of Steam, directly across from the Border Kingdoms settlement of Derlusk.[3][4]


The economy of Yhep was based on seafood and jewelry exports. However, the most valuable part of the Yhevvan economy was the rare deep red pearls cultivated in the oyster beds in Yhep's territory.[1][2]


The law was enforced by seven hundred constables. The harbor, and the valuable oyster beds, were guarded by the Harbor Watch. The 250 guards of the Harbor Watch patrolled the waters around Yhep in unique magical boats called strike boats.[1][2]

The strike boats of Yhep varied from large rowboats with high gunwales to small single-masted sailboats. Circa 1270 DR, a Harauntan mage cast a version of levitation upon the fleet. This raised the boats hull out of the water. Runners extended down into the water. Guided by the runners, the strike boats were capable of reaching incredible speeds.[1][2]

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