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Yuan-ti abominations were monstrous serpent-like creatures, almost completely snakelike except for a roughly humanoid torso. They formed the highest caste of yuan-ti society.[1]


With their almost completely serpentine form and vaguely humanoid arms able to use weapons and tools, abominations were the form of yuan-ti that most closely resembled the originally intended appearance of the yuan-ti race as envisioned by the serpent gods.[1][7]


Abominations often used scimitars in melee combat[2]. They also attacked using their fangs, delivering a powerful poison.[3] Abominations did not wear armor for their scales were more than enough to protect them.[4]


Abominations were able to change their form into a viper of various sizes. They also had the ability to camouflage themselves and anything they carried to blend in with their surroundings. During melee combat, while holding onto an enemy, abominations could excrete a powerful acid from their skin. Abominations were capable of causing fear of snakes to any creature within 30 ft (9.1 m).[3]

Abominations had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of animal friendship, fear and suggestion spells at will.[1]


Since they were the most prestigious caste within yuan-ti society, abominations were almost always the leaders of their cities, except if a yuan-ti anathema was present.[7]

Abominations considered humans repugnant and barely tolerated purebloods. Like all yuan-ti, abominations found the body odor of humans repulsive.[8]


Abominations were obligate carnivores and preferred eating warm-blooded creatures. Their favorite meal were birds and humans.[4]




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