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Yuan-ti mind whisperers were a type of yuan-ti malison that revered the deity Sseth.[1]


Mind whisperers were a form of malison with a humanoid body and a serpentine head.[1]


Yuan-ti mind whisperers were sneaky, self-important, manipulative, unpredictable, and treacherous. They were also cowards who tended to flee at the first sign of trouble.[1]


Like other yuan-ti, mind whisperers were immune to poison and could turn into a snake and back at will. They could also innately cast the spells animal friendship (on snakes only) at will, and suggestion thrice each day. They were also resistant to spells and other magical effects.[1]

As priests of Sseth, they knew the cantrips eldritch blast, friends, message, minor illusion, poison spray, and prestidigitation. They also knew the spells charm person, crown of madness, detect thoughts, expeditious retreat, fly, hypnotic pattern, and illusory script, but could only cast two spells each day. Additionally, whenever they killed or knocked out an enemy, they healed slightly thanks to a blessing from Sseth.[1]


Yuan-ti mind whisperers wore no armor but wielded scimitars in combat. They could also attack with their own venomous fangs. Mind whisperers could cause psychic damage twice each day while attacking.[1]


Yuan-ti mind whisperers were priests, after a fashion, of the yuan-ti deity Sseth, and they used their power to both convert others to that god's worship and to increase their own personal power. However, they had a habit of using their power to cloud the minds of their enemies, and even among the yuan-ti were known for being unreliable. They were willing to cheat or even kill allies and rivals alike if there was some benefit for doing so.[1]

Like other yuan-ti, mind whisperers were schemers. In particular, they often played the middle ground between two conflicting factions, and so spent a lot of time keeping whatever connections they had to both factions a secret.[1]



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