The Yuir elves were a proud race of wild elves who inhabited the Yuirwood in what was later Aglarond. They possessed powerful magic and held ceremonies in circles of stone menhirs. The Yuir fell into decline, pressured by outside forces such as a human presence, and eventually ceased to exist, although their ancestry remained in some of the half-elves of modern Aglarond.[1]


The Yuir elves came under pressure from attacks by the drow and mountain trolls and were also forced deeper into the Yuirwood by the arrival of human colonists from Chessenta in 756 DR, who settled the coastal areas. The population of elves dwindled further and further until by 880 DR, they had been reduced to a few villages. The elves were diseased and in heavy decline at this stage, but the humans joined their fight against the drow and mountain troll threats, helping to eradicate them and make the Yuirwood safe. Breeding between the humans and the Yuir elves created a half-elf race proud of its elven ancestry. Eventually, the elves died off and were succeeded by their half-elven descendants.[1]


The Yuir elves revered the Seldarine, but also worshiped their own pantheon of deities, who are believed to have died out with the last of the Yuir. Relkath of the Infinite Branches was a gigantic treant deity, regarded by some elves as an aspect of Rillifane Rallathil. Zandilar the Dancer was a blue-skinned elf who managed the joy and tragedy portfolios simultaneously. Elikarashae was a warrior deity who came to the Yuir's aid against its enemies.[2]



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