The Yuir pantheon was the pantheon of ten deities once worshiped by the primitive tribes of indigenous humans living in the forests of what became Aglarond, the Great Dale, Impiltur and Narfell. These humans eventually moved on, with the last cohesive remnants of their tribes becoming the Nars, who turned from the pantheon in favour of Abyssal powers. These gods came to be associated with the Yuir elves when they established homes within those woodlands after the Crown Wars in −9800 DR. After the formation of the Kingdom of Aglarond, the half-elven descendants of the Yuir elves had abandoned these gods in favor of more common human or elvish gods and it was assumed that without worshipers, the deities in this pantheon had ceased to exist.[1] Half of these deities however had long ago been subsumed by various members of the Seldarine. Rumors spread during the Era of Upheaval that half-elves proud of their ancient elven roots had begun to venerate some of these gods once more.


A successful Yuir elf warrior who transcended into godhood with the portfolios of hunting and survival. Subsumed by Shevarash.
Magnar the Bear 
A primal animal spirit representing strength and warfare. Subsumed by Rillifane Rallathil.
Relkath of the Infinite Branches 
An enormous treant deity. Subsumed by Rillifane Rallathil.
Goddess of fate. Subsumed by Labelas Enoreth.
Zandilar the Dancer 
A blue-skinned deity of passionate love, joy and tragedy. Subsumed by the Mulhorandi goddess Bast.

Sages speculate that the other four gods of the pantheon had the portfolios of sky & weather; hearth & home; tribal/familial life; and evil & darkness respectively.


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