The Yuirwood was a forest located in the center of the nation of Aglarond.[1]


It was populated by half-elves.[1]


Once home to a powerful nation of elves, by 1372 DR, the Yuirwood was the site of ancient ruins of unknown power and origin.[1]

Sildëyuir was a plane of finite size that was conterminous with the Yuirwood on the Material Plane, perhaps two to three hundred miles from end to end. It was home to the star elves, a subrace of elves that left Faerûn in antiquity. The ruins in the Yuirwood were the remnants of their original society.[citation needed]


In −9800 DR, the Yuirwood was settled by green elves in the aftermath of the Crown Wars.[2]

In −6950 DR, the star elves began leaving other elven nations and gathering in the Yuirwood.[2]

In −6600 DR, the star and green elves founded the realm of Yuireshanyaar in the Yuirwood.[2]

The human empire of Unther battled Yuireshanyaar in −1250 DR for control of the southern Aglarondan coast, and the Yuir were driven back into the woods.[2]

From −1076 to −1069 DR, the Orcgate Wars occurred after an Imaskari wizard opened up a gate in Mulhorand to the orcs' home world, and Yuireshanyaar was pressed hard by the orcs.[2]

From −900 DR to −600 DR, faced with the encroaching humans along the Wizard's Reach (most from Old Unther), the star elf High Mages of Yuireshanyaar created a forest-wide network of stone circles and worked a mighty high magic spell through the stone menhirs to construct the extraplanar world of Sildëyuir.[2]

In the Year of Moon Blades Crashing, −699 DR, the star elves completely abandoned Yuireshanyaar for Sildëyuir, but many wild, or green, elves chose to remain in the Yuirwood.[2]

From 870 DR to 890 DR, humans from Velprin started to meet the elves of Yuir, after they had avoided contact for centuries.[2]

From 900 DR to 1050 DR, an intermingling of the humans and the elves gave rise to half-elves.[2]

In 1033 DR, the half-elves resisted Velprin. A large number of boarder clashes occurred.[2]

In 1059 DR, an army from Velprin, led by Indrila Demaz defeated the half-elf militia and the half-elves fled deep into the forest.[2]

Araevin Teshurr and his companions visited Sildëyuir in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR.[citation needed]





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