Z'dusk was an illithid psychic warrior and elocater of Oryndoll who served as a scout for the Council of Oryndoll in the 1370s DR.[1]

Around 1374 DR, the Council learned of a lost fragment of an avatar of the illithid deity Ilsensine somewhere in Sembia (actually buried in a sandy cave on Sembia's coast). The Council hoped to sooth the god's anger by recovering the fragment and sent Z'dusk to retrieve it.

In turn, Z'dusk, remaining cowled and mysterious, hired the Stray Thoughts company in Sembia to hunt for the fragment, describing it as only a psionic artifact of unspecified nature and powers, for a 25,000 gp reward. Taking no chances, Z'dusk and the Council planned to hire a number of other adventurers and mercenaries for the same task, and intended to slay whoever got it first and take it from them, rather than pay up.[1]



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