Zakharan kraken were a species of enormous highly intelligent and very evil squid-like creatures from the depths of the seas surrounding the continent of Zakhara.[1][note 1]


Zakharan kraken were albino creatures of gargantuan length, with ten tentacles, two of them bearing barbs.[note 2] They could breathe both water and air.[1]


Zakharan kraken were hateful and evil denizens of the deep. They generally led solitary lives hatching plans of domination and the destruction of good creatures. They saw everything smaller than themselves as potential food or slaves.[1]

Their usual diet consisted of octopuses, giant squid, whales, and the occasional smaller zaratan. They were also known to attack and destroy whole ships.[1]


Zakharan kraken usually tried to constrict prey with eight of their tentacles, two of them barbed, and bite with their beak.[note 2] Their head was strongly armored. If a fight ran badly, the kraken could eject a cloud of poisonous ink and retreat by jetting backwards fast.[1]

They also possessed the magical abilities of airy water and control temperature in large areas, faerie fire, control winds, weather summoning, and animal summoning III.[1]


Though their homeland was the depths of the warm seas around the Land of Fate, Zakharan kraken could live in any climate.[1]

Usually loners, they only gathered in groups at monsoon times to mate in ocean trenches. Their eggs were left there afterwards.[1]

Some Zakharan kraken enslaved tribes of evil sea creatures like ixitxachitl or sahuagin, or groups of humans to do their bidding and extend their reach towards the surface. They hated and despised the aboleth.[1]


In ages past, Zakharan kraken lived much closer to the shores. They interacted with humans who worshiped them. Some unknown event or conflict of great magnitude drove the kraken deep into the oceans. They became very few in number, but grew in size and power.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

It was said that rocs were the only predators that hunted at least young Zakharan kraken, and that sometimes marids made them targets of hunts for distraction.[1]

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