The continent of Zakhara was renowned for its burning deserts[1] and lush jungles[2], but the seas surrounding its varied coastlines allowed much travel and trade hindered by its harsh interior.[3][4]

Surrounding seasEdit

The Land of Fate was surrounded by three major seas:

  • The Great Sea, or "Bahr al-Kibar", stretched to the north and west, separating Zakhara and Faerûn.[1][5]
  • To the east daring sailors crossed the Foreigners' Sea, or "Bahr al-Ajami", to the distant lands of Kara-Tur.[1][5][3]
  • To the south Zakhara was bounded by the so-called Crowded Sea, or "Bahr al-Izdiham", characterized by a large number of inhabited as well as unknown islands and crossed by many trading ships.[6][5][7]

Interior seasEdit

Together, these interior bodies of water separated the west of Zakhara almost completely from its central and eastern portion, with only a relatively narrow strip of land between Qudra and Liham connecting the regions of the High Desert and the Haunted Lands.[5]



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