Duke Zalto was the ruler of the fire giants sometime after the War of the Silver Marches.[1]


Zalto was one of the giant lords at time of the shattering of the ordning.

In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR after the disappearance of the storm giant king Hekaton, all of the giant lords took to reshape the ordning to their own fitting. Zalto first led his minions to reclaim Ironslag in the North Faerûn, the greatest forge of ancient Ostoria, planning to reconstruct the ancient colossus construct Vonindod, a relic of the Thousand Year War, and unleash it upon the hated dragons.

However, Zalto eventually came to understand that a flame stronger than Ironslag's was required to awaken Vonindod. He then proceeded to forge an alliance with the drow of House Xorlarrin in order to gain the fire primordial Maegera with the hopes of using it's powers to complete Vonindod.[2] Zalto had also managed to forge a non aggression pact with the nearby yak folk.[1]

Zalto could usually be found in Ironslag's assembly hall playing with his two hell hounds Narthor and Zerebor.[3]


Zalto was a warmonger, dreaming to lead his kind at war in the glory of Surtr and Annam.[1] He would sacrifice his family to achieve said goal.[4]



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