The Zamogedi were a tribe of nomadic humans living in the Hordelands.[1]

Territory[edit | edit source]

The Zamogedi lived in the eastern Hordelands near Shou Lung,[2] near the Tuigan tribe.[3] Their lands also bordered those of the Gurs, the Fankiang, and the Quirish.[4]

Society[edit | edit source]

They spoke their own language.[2]

They were a highly warlike tribe and were known to disrespect the elves of the Pleasant Valley Gateway Oasis and often raided them.[3] Despite this, they got along quite well with the Naican and Quirish tribes of the region.[5]

History[edit | edit source]

The Zamogedi shared a common ancestor with the Quirish peoples.[5]

Before the rise of the Tuigan to dominance, the Zamogedi held much territory in the northern steppes. During this time, there were many marriages between the the Zamogedi and the Naican, solidifying the friendship between these two people groups.[5]

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