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A zar'ithra (plural zar'ithra'rin) or shadow draconic drow was a member of an offshoot of the drow race primarily found in the city of Chaulssin.[1] They were the non-first-generation drow offspring[3] of the shadow dragons of Clan Jaezred and thus were not half-dragons.[1]


A zar'ithra exhibited some draconic characteristics and possessed stronger ties to the Plane of Shadow than their zekyl compatriots. These stronger ties manifested in them being able to derive additional abilities from the Plane of Shadow and unlike a zekyl,[1] a zar'ithra's planar home was the Plane of Shadow instead of the Prime Material Plane.[4]

Collectively, they had a predisposition towards sorcerous magic.[1]

A genetic quirk of theirs was that any offspring between them and a drow-dragon was almost always a male zekyl.[1]


As mentioned above, zar'ithra was the name of the non-first-generation offspring of Clan Jaezred's shadow dragons and the drow of Chaulssin, who were enslaved by the dragons. In 634 DR, the dragons were overthrown and, in 734 DR, the now-free citizens of Chaulssin escaped to the Plane of Shadow to evade the armies of Menzoberranzan bent on killing them for being heretics. On the Plane of Shadow, they were part of the founders of Chaul'mur'ssin. After their zekyl compatriots learned of a way to divide their dragon and drow lineages, leading to the creation of the race of drow-dragons, they returned in meaningful number to Toril in 1136 DR.[1]

In 1372, the majority of the zar'ithra lived in Chaulssin and' while they outnumbered the zekyl population in Chaulssin, they formed only a small minority in the Jaezred Chaulssin's membership.[1]


The ones in Chaulssin had the duty to defend the city from both intraplanar as well as extraplanar foes from the Plane of Shadow.[1]

About 80% of the harems of the Jaezred Chaulssin's leaders consisted of zar'ithra.[1]



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