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The zaratan (pl zaratani) was a huge turtle that lived in the seas surrounding Zakhara.[3]


A zaratan's shell could easily measure hundreds of feet in diameter.[3]


Under most circumstances a zaratan woken from its slumber would immediately withdraw into its giant shell just like a regular turtle. They would remain withdrawn for up to a decade.[3]

If wounded or pestered enough, a zaratan would attack with all of its awesome fury.[3]


Due to their slow metabolism, these creatures had incredibly long lives, often measured by millenia. They were often confused with small islands because of the vegetation and sediment that would settle on their shells.[3]

A zaratan spent nearly all of its time sleeping. They slept with their mouths open and reflexively swallowed any man-sized creatures (or smaller) that ventured too close.[3] As they aged, zaratani would sleep for longer periods of time.[3]

Zaratani that happened to bump into each other while floating around in slumber would mate if they were of the opposite sex. A single mating session could last up to one year.[3]


Zaratani communicated by a method similar to that used by whales. A single conversation between two zaratan could last decades. Telepathy was used on rare occasions.[3]


A mighty zaratan.

Older zaratani were comfortable supporting small villages so long as the inhabitants did not disturb their slumber. A few corsairs even used them as hidden bases. The most famous of these was Jayani al-Jasir.[3]

The inhabitants of zaratan islands were often incredibly superstitious, believing their island to be a deity whose wrath would be terrible if disturbed. This lead them to sacrifice large quantities of fish, and even visitors, to please their zaratan.[3]

Rumors & Legends[]

Some claimed that the zaratani had been floating in the seas long before genies came to Zakhara.[3]



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