Zariel was an archdevil of the Nine Hells and was a Lady of Avernus.[2]


She was previously an angel of Celestia, who was tasked with tracking the Blood War. Frustrated by her superiors' refusal to engage in the war, Zariel led a host of mortal allies into Avernus.[2]

Once favored by Asmodeus, Zariel sided against him in the Reckoning of Hell. She was overthrown when Bel, the leader of her military forces, turned against her and sided with Asmodeus. Bel was installed as Lord of the First in her stead.[citation needed]

Zariel reclaimed her title as Lord of Avernus following Bel's demotion by Asmodeus. Bel fell out of favor with the Archduke, and was forced to serve as Zariel's advisor.[citation needed]


Zariel lived to fight and judged people on their combat skills and willingness to use those skills. She prized zeal as much as training, and left many a structure in ruin.[2]

She spurned the political machinations of the other Lords.[2]



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