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Zebras were a species of wild horse related to the more common domestic breeds of horses.[5]


Zebras were distinguished from other species of horses by the striking patterns their fur displayed—broad, alternating, vertical stripes of black and white.[3]

Rather than having the neigh or whinny common among other equine species, zebras uniquely displayed a distinctive "bark".[3]


Being a type of wild horse, zebras had a disposition that was greatly counter to domestication.[6]




In west Faerûn, zebras could be found in the hilly grasslands surrounding the city-state of Cursrah[7] and in the aforementioned plains of the Shaar.[3]

Beyond Faerûn, zebras inhabited the plains of the Rayana Savanna and Yaku Plains atop the Malatran Plateau[8][9] and large herds of them could be found in the savannahs of Chult.[10]

Outside of the Prime Material plane, zebras could be found in the Beastlands, particularly the level of Krigala.[11]


Zebras were one of the primary animals that wemics[12] and lions hunted.[13] Some gnoll tribes were also known to hunt zebras, but these had the animal as a religious totem and would often sacrifice them to their lord Yeenoghu.[14]

Hybsils were often on good terms with zebras.[15]

Despite the inherent difficulty in domesticating them,[6] some people in the land of Zakhara were known to use them as mounts. However, their usual horsemanship techniques were of little use with zebras.[16]


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