Zeeahd was a spellscared diviner agent of Mephistopheles in Faerûn.[1]


Zeehad and Sayeed fought in the Twilight War of 1374 DR, where they had the thumbs of their fighting hands removed by Abelar Corrinthal's troops.

Later, during the Spellplague of 1385 DR, Zeeahd was killed by its effects.

When Zeeahd died, his soul went to Cania. There he bargained with Mephistopheles to become one of his agents on Faerûn in exchange for being returned to life there.

In 1484 DR, Zeeahd and his brother Sayeed went in search of the Abbey of the Rose, in order to capture Vasen Cale. They arrived in the village of Fairelm where they discovered that the local peddler Minser had just visited the Abbey. So Sayeed and Zeeahd unleashed their pack of spined devils to slaughter all inhabitants except Minser and Elle, who had spoken against them, in order to force Minser to show them the right way.

Afterward, Sayeed and Zeeahd invaded the Abbey. Zeeahd confronted the Oracle, discovering him to be Elden Corrinthal, the son of Abelar. Elden managed to humiliate Zeehad and so he ordered his spined devils to kill Elden. However, the Oracle was well prepared for his death and died with a smile.

Later, he fought with Gerak, Vasen Cale, and Orsin, and at last he died as a man and was reborn as a bone devil.

As a bone devil, Zeeahd wandered for a time until the just-arrived Rivalen Tanthul decided to kill all devils around him. Sayeed tried to save the bone devil. Intrigued, Rivalen spoke to Sayeed and offered him the opportunity to serve Shar. Sayeed agreed and his first duty for Shar was to kill the bone devil that had been his brother.[1]


Zeeahd's spellscar had twisted his body. When he died, he returned as a rotten creature. The Lord of the Eighth put inside him a creature that at regular times needed to hurt living beings.[1]



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