Zelatar was the capital and political hub of the Abyssal realm of Azzagrat.[1]


Zelatar occupied a place on all three Abyssal planes that made up Azzagrat. The city spanned and connected the 45th, 46th, and 47th levels of the Abyss. The city was divided into neighbourhoods by its spanning. Fogtown was the name given to the neighborhood on the 45th layer. Gallenghast was what denizens of the city's 46th layer called their ward while the 47th layer was called Darkflame. Its extra-planar existence gave its streets and byways an often confusing and seemingly impossible layout.[2]


By Graz'zt's decree, all merchants were afforded protection while in Azzagrat and Zelatar, although this protection was often subverted, especially by Graz'zt himself.[2]