Zern Xerkstil was an agent of the Order of the Gauntlet in the Moonsea in 1489 DR.


Zern was a brash and headstrong warrior. The Hammer of Impiltur was loud, boisterous and zealous in pursuit of evil.[2]


Zern was possibly involved in the case of dracoliches and ghost ships wandering the Moonsea. He said that the Order believed that fiendish forces were involved.[3] In 1491 DR he resurfaced in Mulmaster asking to the adventurers to indagate about the Silkroot, recently arrived in the streets of that city.[4] Later he assisted Lana of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose at the Mulmaster's Ilmater temple and helped her to told to an adventuring party, hired to investigate about a strange storm, about the suspect situation at the monastery.[2] During the Rage of Demons Zern was in Elventree where possibly hired some adventurers to help Elanil Elassidil with some Drow arriving in the surface.[1]




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