Zethrindor was an ancient white dragon dracolich who allied with Sammaster during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[1]


In 1373 DR, Sammaster realized that the reemergence of metallic dragons threatened his plan, so he allied with the Ice Witch Iyraclea and sent Zethrindor and a host of dragons to her. Zethrindor helped Iyraclea to conquer all the Great Glacier and afterward they marched over Sossal.

The conquest of the druidic nation proceeded well until Brimstone approached Zethrindor, whispering that Iyraclea plotted to betray Sammaster with power hidden in ruins in the Novularond Mountains. Soon after, the white dracolich went to the ruins, hoping to achieve that power for himself. There he met Iyraclea's army and Dorn Graybrook's party. During the three-sided battle, Zethrindor killed the Ice Witch in a terrible battle but it was Dorn and his allies who occupied the ruin.

So the white dracolich went back to Sossal to become the dragon-king of that nation. In the decisive battle against the Sossrim, Zethrindor was challenged to a duel by the enemy commander. He defeated the Sossrim leaders but was greatly injured in the process, and many of his own conscripted troops rose up against him and destroyed him.

Pavel Shemov suspected that while Zethrindor's soul had probably returned to his phylactery, it was unlikely that he had time to stockpile any dragon bodies before being sent to the Great Glacier. As a result, his spirit would be trapped forever within his phylactery.[1]




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