Zhara was the third wife of Akabar Bel Akash. She was a priestess of Tymora and one of the Alias clones created by Phalse.[citation needed]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Zhara was superficially proud and quick to judge others—particularly women from other cultures—but lacked the self-confidence that marked many of her 'sisters'. For a while, she used Alias's armor to impersonate her; Zhara clearly felt humiliated showing so much of her body publicly, and was glad to give the armor back when her charade was over. Although a priestess, she was a capable fighter with a quick temper; she had apparently once broken the arm of her sister-wife Kasim.[citation needed]

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known of Zhara from the time of her awakening to her marriage to Akabar. She was married with the approval of his two previous wives. She was sent by the other wives when Akabar traveled north in order to protect him from "the barbarians of the north".[1] When they first met, Dragonbait recognized her as one of Alias's sisters, but decided to let Akabar tell Alias.[citation needed]

Later, Alias and Akabar went to testify on Finder's behalf, leaving Zhara alone with Dragonbait. They discussed Alias and Dragonbait confided his story to her. Later that night, when she was alone, Zhara was attacked by Moander's spores. Thanks to Dragonbait's timely arrival, Zhara was freed from Moander's clutches.[2]

The priestess and saurial then went to tell Akabar about the attack when they discovered that Akabar was missing, along with the saurial Grypht. Alias, Dragonbait, and the ranger Breck Orcsbane were to rescue Akabar while Zhara remained behind "for her own protection".[citation needed]

With Dragonbait's help, Zhara disguised herself as Alias and walked out the front doors of the Twisted Tower, following Alias and company discreetly.[3] When she met up with the group, a scuffle began between Zhara and Breck. As a result, the truth of Zhara's origins was revealed. Alias fought Zhara out of anger at being deceived and having to face one of her "fake" sisters. Grypht settled the fight and they agreed to an uneasy peace in order to focus on the more urgent issues.[citation needed]

Zhara accompanied the group to rescue Finder and Olive Ruskettle, then to the entrance of the Lost Vale to save the saurial tribe. Once the group understood the magnitude of danger involved, Zhara and Beck returned to Shadowdale to bring reinforcements to defeat Moander's avatar and rescue the tribe.[citation needed]

The next day, after Alias and the rest defeated Akabar, who sacrificed himself to defeat Moander, Zhara arrived in the Lost Vale with a small contingent from Shadowdale. She was already aware of her husband's fate. She helped care for the weakened saurials.[citation needed]

Appendix[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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