Zin were spirit snakes that inhabited rivers and lake beds of Zakhara. They could shapeshift at will and enjoyed a good prank. Their bardic nature meant they enjoyed spreading song and merriment, along with mischief, to those who traveled near their habitat.[1]

Zin naturally appeared as large pale blue or green snakes. A mosaic pattern covered their back that provided excellent camouflage while they swam but made them easy to see while resting outside of water.[1]


Zin had infravision, which they used to move about during the night. They could polymorph at will and used this ability when interacting with travelers. All zin had basic magical abilities and enjoyed using a wide array of magical items found during their travels. A group of zin singing together could implement a unique magical power in their voice, making any spell cast extremely difficult to resist.[1]

The bite of a zin had a chance to make the target fall into a catatonic slumber for one full day. Upon waking, a victim would often find themselves completely naked and perilously close to the lair of a dangerous beast.[1]


Groups of up to six zin lived together, typically in air-filled caverns underneath lakes and rivers. These carnivores primarily ate fish.[1]

Bored zin would sometimes approach travelers and ask for hospitality. During their stay they would continually press their hosts with bawdy jokes and pranks. Hosts who retained their composure were rewarded with a small concert complete with dazzling magic from the zin's mystical arsenal. If the hosts got offended and attacked, the zin would attempt to flee and harass the hosts at every opportunity. Zin were also able to use the evil eye curse.[1]


Zin had little care for the world around them unless it involved music, dancing, or playing pranks. The only thing that bothered them was purposeful defiling of the water where they lived.[1]

Items made from zin hide were highly prized for their magical properties, making these creatures a target for hunters and other rogues. Sandals made from zin hide enhanced the wearer's ability to climb and move quietly.[1]



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