Zindalankh was a coastal city of Murghôm.[1]


Zindalankh sat on the western rim of the Semphar Water within the southern portion of Gbor Nor.[1]


Zindalankh hosted a Shou Town.[2]


Zindalankh was a fierce rival of Dhaztanar, which was located on the opposite bank of the Semphar Water in Semphar. Being located at the end of the Road of the Dawn, it controlled trade to the west, just as Dhaztanar controlled trade to the east, and both cities vied for control over the trade in Gbor Nor.[3]

Ultimately, Dhaztanar won the power struggle by lobbying to make the River Rauthenflow navigable by boats, allowing people to bypass Zindalankh, and sail straight from the Inner Sea to Dhaztanar's docks, destroying the city's power.[3]

By 1359 DR, Zindalankh had shrunk. Its fortunes were gone and its people were poor and destitute. The city became a haven for the pirates of Gbor Nor. People came to the city to sell stolen items, and buy others for far less than their value. Thievery, and the sword, were the only law.[3]

Though officially under the rule of the Bey of Murghôm, few followed his laws, and only tolerated him for the protection he gave to the city. Were it not for the forces of Murghom stationed there, Semphar would have destroyed the city long before. However, doing so with the Bey's men there would have been seen as an act of war, something Semphar wanted to avoid.[3]



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