Zola Sethrakt was a necromancer and a member of the council of zulkirs during the war of Thay.[1]


Zola was a youthful-looking woman, appearing quite comely. She never went anywhere without numerous bone and jet ornaments swinging from her neck and sliding on her arms. As a result, a clatter accompanied her every breath.[2]


Zola was the representative of a small group of necromancers in the council of zulkirs during the war of Thay. These mages evaded Szass Tam's control but were not the most powerful or even intelligent of their order.[1]


When it became apparent that a war against Szass Tam could not be won, Nevron had her killed by one of his demons,[3] being annoyed of her constant claims to be his equal as zulkir.[4]


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