A zombie was an undead creature usually created by the re-animation of a corpse. Unlike animated skeletons, zombies still retained some flesh on their bodies and gave off a horrid, rank smell. They were almost mindless, but could be given simple commands, such as "kill anyone who opens the treasure chest." Virtually any solid creature could be turned into a zombie; in addition to humanoids, troglodytes, minotaurs, ogres, and even beholders could be turned into zombies.[1][3]

Description[edit | edit source]

Basically, a zombie was the corpse of a creature that had been animated by someone who could manipulate negative energy, such as a cleric. For example, a cleric would be able to use negative energy on a corpse and make it move its body, arms, legs, etc.[3] Zombies could also rise spontaneously if an area was saturated with necromantic magic.[1]

Zombies dragged their feet and so did not leave clear prints.[6]

Variants[edit | edit source]

Ankylosaurus zombie
A zombie created from the corpse of an ankylosaurus, typical to the jungles of Chult.[7]
Ash zombie

A group of zombies rising to serve.

A zombie created from ash of the victims of the Mount Hotenow explosion. Usually Thayan magic in the creation.[8][9]
Beholder zombie
Sometimes called Death tyrants; zombified beholders which possessed some of their deadly abilities.[10]
Girallon zombie
Crated from the corpse of a girallon, typical to some locations in Chult.[7]
Undead hounds found in Shadowfell and sometimes used by Thayan necromancers.[11]
Juju zombie
Free-willed, sentient zombies often created from powerful curses or other fell magics.[12]
Ogre zombie
Powerful zombies created from dead ogres.[1]
Sea zombie
Created from the corpses of humans who drowned at sea.[4]
Tyrannosaurus zombie
Created from the corpse of a tyrannosaurus, typical to Chult. These fearsome creatures could regurgitate zombies from their gullets.[7]
Tyrantfog zombie
Priests of evil deities killed by other evil deities.[13]
Zombie dragon
Created from dragons and retained some of their deadly abilities. Not to be confused with dracoliches.[14]

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