Zone of truth was an enchantment spell that prevented lies from being spoken within the area of effect.[4][6] It was one of the spells available from the Balance of Belaros, a holy relic of Tyr.[8]


For a few minutes, an area designated by the caster became a zone in which lies could not be told. Creatures within the area knew they were being compelled to not speak falsehoods, and could resist the spell, but those who could not resist could not lie for the duration of the spell. Affected creatures were not compelled to tell the truth; they could remain silent or evade questions as long as they were truthful.[4][6]

Depending on which version was being cast, the area of effect was either a square with sides as big as 5 ft (1.5 m) or more according to the power of the caster,[6] or a 20-ft-radius (6.1 m) sphere.[4]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, and the priest's holy symbol or divine focus, the older version of this spell required a cheap imitation emerald, ruby, or diamond to cast.[6]



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