Zorbu Natten was a gnomish ranger active in the late 15th century DR.[1]


A tan gnome with a bushy mop of white hair and a matching beard, Zorbu clad himself in shades of green, purple, and leather armor.[1]


He was a highly skilled tinker, fond of crafting all manner of technological gadgets.[1]


Zorbu wielded the enormous crossbow Thunderbolt, which had a draw strength many times higher than possible for an unaided gnome. He wore bifocals to compensate for his poor vision, and kept a pet clockwork squirrel named "Skibbers". Skibbers was filled with alchemist's fire, and would explode on contact with an enemy.[1]


Born in a village on the slopes of a mountain south of Yartar, Zorbu had a typical childhood filled with tinkering, pranking neighbors, and exploring the nearby woodlands under the supervision of Galor Rockshield, a local ranger. When Zorbu's village was attacked by drow raiders, Galor saved the young gnome's life. Zorbu swore to avenge the many villagers killed by the drow, and was taken on as an apprentice by Galor.[1]



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